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New UNLEASH research reveals why HR technology projects succeed and the importance of organizational culture and change management in their success.

In 2020, UNLEASH conducted new research into Why HR Projects Fail and the findings were telling to say the least.84% of over 1000 global organizations with combined HR technology budgets of $4 billion told us they felt their HR projects were unsuccessful.

Now in the third part in this webinar series for 2022, we continue to examine our new research into Why HR Projects Succeed. In this live webinar, UNLEASH will focus on the human factors of any HR technology project – and why without keeping people at the heart of what you’re doing, no technology will truly succeed. What are the cultural components that contribute to success and how do you best help people through any changes you have planned? We’ll be tackling all this and more in this interactive session.

The data encompasses input from over 1300 HR and business leaders, and 1000 employees worldwide.

Join us live to:

- Understand the critical human factors to consider in any HR technology project
- Explore the importance of your organizational culture and its impact on HR’s success
- Hear what ‘good’ looks like in organizations like Amazon, NASA, Novartis and DHL
- Face up to the reality of what HR is getting wrong when it comes to change management (and how to fix it!)
- Discover the seven habits of highly successful HR organizations that you can adopt right now
Tue, May 31, 2022 · 2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
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