Using Data and Analytics to Crack the Glass Ceiling

Visier’s 'Cracks in the Glass Ceiling' report considers the dynamics of gender replacement during both hiring and internal movements and explores the patterns of this in senior leadership and below. They have discovered that males replace males and females at senior levels. However, at lower levels, females are increasingly replacing both males and females, indicating potential upcoming cracks in the glass ceiling.

Despite all of the research that shows how empowering women spurs economic growth, productivity, innovation and trust, a glass ceiling still continues to exist. This means women are held back from moving into leadership positions. But, this research indicates that if women are finding themselves in more equitable representation in lower levels, this could translate into females transitioning into leadership and management ranks in the not too distant future and thus breaking the Glass Ceiling.

In this panel, Lexy Martin will summarize the research findings in more detail and panel members (Lydia Wu, Head of Talent Analytics at Panasonic USA and Olly Britnell, Global Head of People Strategy, Technology and Analytics at Experian) will explore what they are doing to improve female leadership equality.
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  • In earlier research, Visier reported the “Manager Divide” – women often leave the workforce to raise families at the time they would begin to be promoted to manager. When they return, they have lost the years of manager responsibility, promotions, and pay increases that go with manager roles. How are you addressing this?
  • When focusing on pay equity, are you having to normalize jobs? How?
  • Has Covid side-lined female progress?
  • Inclusion is often measured via feelings of inclusion. At Visier, they see inclusion being not just about feelings but actual inclusion, measured by participation and ability to make a difference. How are you measuring and improving inclusion?
  • What is your data-driven strategy to positively impact female equality? How are you driving accountability to take actions to improve female equality?
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    • Business & finance
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  • When: London
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Dial-in available? (listen only): Not available.
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