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The longer we work from home and away from our colleagues, the more being together matters. What lessons can we take from the great remote work experiment of the past 18 months to achieve togetherness in a way that still gives employees flexibility? More than just a replacement, Zoom and other tech tools have a role to play in recreating the serendipitous connections of the workplace that ultimately drive entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and innovation.

With more than half of office workers globally willing to quit their jobs if flexibility does not continue post pandemic, UNLEASH will be speaking to three of the world’s leading HR minds to find out more about their hybrid working strategies:

Jane Datta, Chief Human Capital Officer, NASA
Alexander Westerdahl, VP HR, Spotify
Kirsty Leivers, Global Head of Culture, Inclusion and Diversity, AXA

5 Reasons to Attend:

• Work from Anywhere – NASA’s, Spotify’s and AXA’s Remote Work programs are cutting edge and unleashing new organizational capabilities. Discover how work from anywhere programs open the door to new opportunities in professional development, innovation, and boost diversity and inclusion.

• Why Spotify pays New York and San Francisco salaries as part of their Work from Anywhere Program.

Explore the extraordinary — what astronauts can teach us about working remotely and how NASA’s modern missions lean on emerging tech and AI.

• How AXA’s Smart Working strategy has already increased productivity by 16%.

• At the heart of this discussion? It’s really about providing an employee experience that enables people do their best work and helps the organizations achieve its most important goals.
Thu, Jun 17, 2021 · 3:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
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