Talent Mobility, Recruiting and Productivity in the Era of Change

We are going through the greatest velocity of change in human history. A velocity driven by developments in technology, expanding globalization, social movements and political changes. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix and it is no surprise that organizations are struggling to keep up with the changing pace of business dynamics.

Since people drive success in most companies today, the first priority for organizations as they realign themselves is to ensure that their workforce is ready for new purposes and company goals. This means making sure you have the talent and skills in-house already or in your pipeline. The pressure for speed and agility on HR and recruitment teams has never been so great.

So how do you ensure you have the right people in the right roles? And how can you enhance internal and external collaboration so people can reach their full potential? Whether it is rapidly hiring to fill front-line needs, or looking within and leveraging internal talent, HR needs greater talent awareness, access, and acquisition efficiency.
In this webinar, attendees will learn:

• How to find the right talent internally and externally
• Creative solutions for mobility in the new world of work
• The role of HR in unlocking employee productivity
• How to enhance internal and external collaboration
• The changing expectations and demands of the candidate experience
• How to broaden the scope of HR to become a key strategic partner
  • The unique challenges hiring managers are facing in 2021 and how these can be overcome.
  • The potential of technology in closing the skills gap.
  • The changing expectations and demands of the candidate experience.
  • How to unlock the potential of your in-house talent.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Anyone with the event link can attend
  • Dial-in available? (listen only): Not available.