Join us on our Road to Paris, to hear from our amazing UNLEASH World HR leader speakers and industry experts.

UNLEASH and Cegid are thrilled to bring you a sneak peek into how companies are facing the current talent shortage and talent acquisition challenges. Join us at UNLEASH World in Paris on the 12th and 13th of October to see how redefining skills will help recruiters and HR experts overturn a difficult context.
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  • Get exclusive insights ahead of UNLEASH World, on how the current context impacts talent acquisition strategies. Speakers will display a clear picture of the most important challenges and you will be able to share your own experiences and how you might have planned to overcome them.
  • See how redefining skills could support recruiters and HR experts in their strategies. We will discuss the definition of a “skill”, and see why making an obvious distinction between hard and soft skills can negatively impact your recruitment strategy and talent sourcing.
  • Get best practices from HR experts, and learn how they win the so-called “talent war” with an improved definition of skills, avoiding the “talent crunch”.


Featured Presenters
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