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This webinar will help you get the business buy-in from your for your People Analytics project and enable you to succinctly present the financial benefits to your C-Suite.

People Analytics can be an incredible tool, that if used correctly, can impact monumental business decisions now, and for the future. The insights gathered can stretch further than you might think, so knowing what people insights could be at your fingertips and translating this into an actionable strategy that impacts the whole business, whilst getting the buy-in from leadership stakeholders, is the first step on your journey. If your organization doesn’t have the answers to the following questions, then there’s room for better People Analytics for you to explore:

Turnover – Is it an important metric or just the latest fad?
Diversity – Does it support growth or better engagement?
Recruitment – Do you know if your hiring process delivers the best results?
Skills – Do you have the skills for the future?

Join us live to:
• Know where to start when making your business case, especially if your project will involve buy-in from multiple levels and functions.
• Align with business outcomes and see beyond the dashboard.
• Enable your business to make informed decisions and improve business outcomes.
• Determine the ROI of People Analytics, from the financial benefits of recruitment, the impact of turnover, and measuring diversity.
Tue, May 24, 2022 · 2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
Who can attend
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