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The world has changed in more ways than one in the last two years. Demand and sourcing priorities have shifted forever. DE&I is no longer a nice-to-have, but a critical must-have for any successful organization. However, in the bid to drive DE&I at scale, many organizations unwittingly put hiring processes in place that create more problems than they solve, including:

• Restricted talent pools
• Biased communications
• Limited visibility on goal progress

So how can hiring teams reduce bias (and not just race or ethnicity or gender for example, but by age, disability, affinity, conformity, and more) and create an inclusive culture and hiring process whilst mitigating these potential downfalls?

The combination of cutting-edge tech coupled with the timing of the ‘Great Rehire’, gives employers have a chance to re-evaluate the way they hire diverse, underrepresented talent. Which often leads to better recruitment and retention metrics. 75% of people currently working at companies where they had a positive candidate experience said that it influenced their decision to accept their offer.

In this live session with Hiretual and UNLEASH, we’ll be debating how organizations can successfully personalize the candidate experience with AI to secure sought-after talent whilst considering how to strengthen the DE&I journey by mitigating potential pitfalls.

Join us live to:

• Understand how demand has changed for underrepresented talent.
• Learn ways to blend personalization into the hiring process.
• Consider how AI-powered talent sourcing can provide a toolkit for DE&I focused sourcing, engagement, and analysis.
• Benchmark against experiences of fellow practitioners and garner insights of how to mitigate biases in the hiring process through training, technologies and additional practical guidance to takeaway.
Wed, Jan 12, 2022 · 2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
Who can attend
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