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When organizations take advantage of people analytics to inform their people decisions, it’s proven that they outperform organizations that aren’t doing so. The adoption of people analytics links to better workforce data for decision-making and from there, to higher employee engagement, higher employee productivity, and improved talent management.

The problem for people leaders, is what to do with, and how to manage, the sheer scale of data they have now.

For example, in their 2020/2021 HR Systems Survey, Sapient Insights Group cites that on average organizations are using 10.3 applications to collect and manage people data. And that’s hardly surprising, with the explosion of capabilities in collecting data on your people and the technologies available to collect this information.

But, how do you break things down and make your people data comprehensible, easy to access, and discoverable in a single ecosystem of insights?

Hear first-hand how Olly Britnell (Experian) and Ian Cook (Visier) are leveraging people data and analytics to deliver simple and effective answers to key business questions, at scale.

You will learn:

How the enterprise people data and technology ecosystem is evolving

What a typical data analytics ecosystem looks like to benchmark your own situation against

How to empower people managers and business leaders with insights at scale through people analytics

How leading organizations are moving to an ecosystem of cohesive insights to deliver actionable results for business stakeholders

The role of the broader HR function to deliver people insights to support & drive better people decisions
Thu, Oct 14, 2021 · 2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
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