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In a recent IDC survey, only 28% of HR executives were able to state that they are offering an analytical view into the workforce beyond those confined within the HR department.

Further to this, Deloitte consultancy found in their 2020 Global Human Capital Trends survey, that 97% of respondents said they need additional information on some aspect of their workforce, while only 56% feel their organizations have made moderate or significant progress in people analytics in the past decade.

What’s astounding is the journey’s that many organizations are going through or have already taken to get to a satisfactory level when it comes to people analytics and providing the insights on the workforce that can drive hugely transformative business decisions, are happening entirely back to front.

People analytics has been seen as the accessory, or cherry on the top of the cake, if you will, when in reality, the real deep and meaningful, and impactful insights, are found when data intelligence is garnered at the start of the journey, as an ingredient way before the cake goes in the oven. People analytics is a foundational building block that needs to be present at the start of any transformation or change management process.

Organizations that use data to drive workforce decisions outperform those that don’t.
This is why we are thrilled to be hosting this live session with Ian Cook, VP People Analytics at Visier, so that we can help you and our HR community propel themselves to success and competitive advantage with getting people analytics right.

Join this session live:
- To understand the true meaning behind a “data-driven strategy” and the costs to the business of disconnected data.
- To learn people analytics strategies and tactics that differentiate high-performing organizations.
- To benchmark against your peers on measuring your people analytics maturity and to understand the next steps for developing your strategy, processes, and technology stack.
- To understand the definition and measurements of success when it comes to getting people analytics right, for HR and the wider organization.
Thu, Dec 9, 2021 · 2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
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