The event room will open at 3:00 pm PST and we will begin shortly after inshaAllah (God-Willing).
Have we become self centered as individuals and as a society? Can Islam provide timeless solutions on fostering real connections in our community? Life can be so isolating. Islam has the answer to living the best life for humanity by centering what is most important.
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    Dr. Aysha Wazwaz
    Dr. Aysha Wazwaz is specialized in Islamic Studies with an honor from Jinan University. She has a M.A. in contemporary Islamic studies, and B.A. in fiqh/Islamic legislature from Alquds University. She speaks Arabic and English. Born in the U.S. to a Palestinian father and a mixed mother from Palestinian and Paraguayan/Spanish decent. She is a chaplain at St. Catherine University. Dr. Aysha is the founder of Gems of Light non-profit organization. Dr. Wazwaz is married to a Tunisian scholar and has 3 children. She currently lives in Minnesota in the U.S.A.
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    United IAW
    A united and collective voice sharing the true, unfiltered message of Islam across Canada annually through a week-long effort of outreach da’wah booths, keynote lectures, resources, and Q&A sessions.