A ground breaking presentation on the Quran, from revelation to compilation to recitation. Discover the uninterrupted, active, and robust systematic preservation of the Quran that is truly unprecedented!

Event will be livestreamed from SFU as part of United Islam Awareness Week 2023.
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    Ustadh Farid Al-Bahraini
    Ustadh Farid al-Khaja is a student of knowledge from Bahrain with a keen interest in Qur’anic and Hadith studies, as well as early Islamic history. He has been actively involved in dawah for over a decade and has been producing polemical content through video and written formats.

    Farid has also produced several published works in both the English and Arabic language including multiple classical manuscripts from as early as the 5th century after Hijra.
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    United IAW
    A united and collective voice sharing the true, unfiltered message of Islam across Canada annually through a week-long effort of outreach da’wah booths, keynote lectures, resources, and Q&A sessions.