While the West struggles with depopulation, an aging population, and ideologies that are failing to preserve the sanctity of the family unit, Islam offers a viable solution to these challenges facing the family.

Event will be livestreamed from SFU as part of United Islam Awareness Week 2023.
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    Sadat Anwar
    Ustadh Sadat Anwar was born and raised in Toronto. He studied Middle Eastern Studies at University of Toronto and is a member of Street Dawah Toronto. Ustadh Sadat Anwar provides mosque tours at TARIC Islamic Centre in Toronto and has participated in a number of interfaith discussions and debates. He also runs the YouTube channel called “That Canadian Brother”.
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    United IAW
    A united and collective voice sharing the true, unfiltered message of Islam across Canada annually through a week-long effort of outreach da’wah booths, keynote lectures, resources, and Q&A sessions.