The Message began with Adam, then led to the Abrahamic faiths, through Ibrahim and this chain reaction helped ignite Judaism, Christianity and ultimately led to the final product, which is Islam, the final message for humanity.

Event will be livestreamed from SFU as part of United Islam Awareness Week 2023.
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    Imam Youssef Soussi
    Imam Youssef Soussi is of a Tunisian father and an American mother. He speaks fluent Arabic, English, and French. After high school, he started to take religion more seriously, which led him to study various Islamic sciences locally with the renowned Sheikh Walid Al-Menessey. His desire for more took him to Egypt where he finished the memorization of the Quran. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies along with various certificates and ijazaas. He currently is a rotating khateeb and lectures at universities, mosques, and other organizations.
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    United IAW
    A united and collective voice sharing the true, unfiltered message of Islam across Canada annually through a week-long effort of outreach da’wah booths, keynote lectures, resources, and Q&A sessions.