This webinar is one of a series Under One Roof Scotland is producing for Doors Open Days 2020. In this webinar, John Gilbert, co-author of Under One Roof is in conversation with Aberdeen -based conservation architect James Roy and Roz Artis of the Scottish Lime Centre. They will be showing each other slides and talking about stone, lime, victorian architects design defects and innovation. The conversation will be followed by a live Q&A. If you have a problem you would like the experts to discuss and you would like them to see a photo, please send it to with the heading "Aberdeen DOD question".
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    Author and producer of Under One Roof Scotland
    Annie Flint became interested in tenement management when she had some interesting experiences during communal block repairs. She subsequently wrote "The Tenement Handbook" with her co-author John Gilbert. After many further adventures in all things tenemental, and when the Tenement Handbook became sadly dated, Annie and John set up the website that took the Handbook online. Under One Roof has been widely praised, even being mentioned favourably in the Scottish Parliament.
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    Conservation Architect and co-author of Under One Roof Scotland
    John is a leading authority on sustainable design in Scotland with over 44 years’ experience as a practicing architect with extensive experience in housing and community issues.

    He pioneered working with communities with Assist Architects and with co-author, Annie Flint, wrote The Tenement Handbook. Since starting John Gilbert Architects in 1992, John has been a noted innovator in low cost, low carbon housing. John continues to encourage tenement owners to learn how important maintenance is and in his retirement, continues to illustrate and help with the website
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    Conservation Architect
    Being Aberdeen based, it is not surprising that James can include oil-related work in his portfolio but today he will be talking from his experience of working on major historic buildings such as the Aberdeen Sheriff Court House; the major refurbishment of many churches and the repair and restoration of tenements through Aberdeen Conservation Area Renewal Schemes. James is a Board Member and Trustee of Aberdeen City Heritage Trust.
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    Director Scottish Lime Centre
    Roz is a RICS Certified Historic Building Professional. Her career with the Scottish Lime Centre Trust (SLCT) has focused on the appropriate repair and care of traditional buildings, particularly the reinstatement of external lime finishes. Roz is a trustee of both the Building Limes Forum (BLF UK) and EBUKI (Earth Building UK & Ireland) and a member of the Scottish Churches Trust grants committee. She has written several publications on the practical use of lime and other mortars including Natural Stone Masonry in Modern Scottish Construction – A guide for designers and constructors, various articles for the BLF Annual Journal and the Building Conservation Directory.

    Roz also writes all the learning resources for the wide ranging course programme offered by the SLCT and is one of the primary tutors and heads the very busy building advisory service it offers, dealing with castles to cottages and masonry arch bridges to lighthouses, and everything in between. Just five minutes with Roz ensures you will view traditional stone and lime walls in a very different way... she even does it on holiday!