About this Webinar
In this webinar we look at what factors do – or don’t do. We talk with David Reid of James Gibb Property Managers about their responsibility for your money, how they choose and supervise contractors and whether they like owners to set up owners associations.

We start by picking up on common insurance issues with a broker who deals with these policies every day. Why is it so expensive? How do factors earn their insurance commission? Why do insurance valuations vary even within a street and should you have a block policy or let each owner arrange their own common insurance?

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    Annie Flint
    Annie Flint became interested in tenement management when she had some interesting experiences during communal block repairs. She subsequently wrote "The Tenement Handbook" with her co-author John Gilbert. After many further adventures in all things tenemental, and when the Tenement Handbook became sadly dated, Annie and John set up the website www.underoneroof.scot that took the Handbook online. Under One Roof has been widely praised, even being mentioned favourably in the Scottish Parliament.
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    David Reid
    David has 30 years in Estate Management. 8 years in NHS and Commercial property management. 22 years in residential property management, 17 of which running his own organisation James Gibb Residential Factors.

    James Gibb Residential Factors is one of the largest of Scotland’s factors with over 46,000 properties in management so he is well placed to answer all of your questions on factoring. David is President of the Property Managers Association Scotland. We work on behalf of all member organisations on all matters relating to our industry. This includes working with Scottish Government, Westminster, UK Finance, UK Lenders, RICS and many more stake holders. The main drive is to improve the factoring industry, including through developing professional qualifications for factors with the aim of improving services to clients.
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    Chris Cadwallender
    Chris joined Deacon in 2009 and has over 30 years of experience within major Insurance companies and broking houses. Chris is based and lives in Glasgow where he manages Deacon’s key Scottish & Northern Ireland accounts.