C4ISR operators and analysts whose missions require them to provide rapid and complete combat identification information often find themselves overwhelmed by the volumes of data to sift through, and do not have access to a wealth of data available at other classification levels. Industry solutions are required to provide decision-quality data at the speed and scale of machines to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

In this exclusive webinar, Ultra Intelligence & Communication’s team and partners will cover current intelligence data access and delivery challenges across the multi-domain battlespace. The panel will also discuss potential solutions to provide operators and analysts with faster access to relevant multi-source intelligence data.
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    Jeff Lloyd-Jones
    Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Ultra Intelligence & Communications
    Jeff Lloyd-Jones, for Ultra Intelligence and Communication’s vice president of Strategic Business Development, directs the global operations for business capture in the Command, Control and Intelligence operating business unit. He previously held rank of lieutenant commander in the United States Navy for 22 years.
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    Ed Campbell
    Product Manager, RAIN and Athena, Ultra Intelligence & Communications
    As the product manager for RAIN and Athena, Ed is responsible for guiding the success of these products and for leading the cross-functional team developing them. He sets the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for the product lines and provides the deep product expertise needed to make strategic product decisions. Ed’s career spans 40+years of military, SETA contractor, and industry contractor duties that all relate to warfighting or warfighter assistance.
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    Jimmy Kao
    Chief Technical Officer, Global C2 Integration Technologies
    Jimmy Kao, a graduate of University of Hawai’i Electrical Engineering, has devoted his entire professional career to technology innovations and scientific excellencies in the Defense sector. Prior to his CTO position, Jimmy served as the Principal Engineer and Technical Director for several major contracting organizations covering the spectrum of United States Army, Navy, and Air Force. Jimmy’s expertise includes big data, hardware, software, systems integration, digital messaging, artificial intelligence, and multilevel security for Command and Control and Intelligence domains. Jimmy is the author of Data Fusion and Theater Undersea Warfare, IEEE Techno-Oceans, and several machine intelligence papers indicating the needs for digital intelligence for today’s complex warfare.
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    Robert Hembrook
    Deputy Director, Future Operations A35, 16th Air Force, Air Force Cyber Command and Joint Forces, HQ Cyber Air Force Headshots
    Robert C. Hembrook is the Deputy Director for Future Operations for 16th Air Force, Air Force Cyber Command, and the Joint Forces Headquarters-Cyber (Air Force). He has been with the Air Force for three years. Prior positions include Director of Cybersecurity for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of the Navy CIO, Defense Security Service, Deputy G2, 5th Signal Command, and USEUCOM. He is also an Army Reservist with a combined 33 years of service both Active Duty and Reserves.