There are pivotal moments in every business category where success can be redefined simply by changing your perspective, or angle of approach. That's what 'top of the podium' digital companies like Uber, Facebook and Netflix have figured out that digital technology and innovation does not give business owners a free pass to growth.

The consistent thread for every company who wants to build a tribe of raving fans is simple.

Stop thinking "Digital Technology", and start creating "Emotional Relevance".

Join Jeff Roy as he takes you under the hood and shares his team's path to humanizing the digital experience. You'll learn why they exist as a brand, and how they implemented a multi-faceted digital strategy to evoke emotional relevance as a fundamental element of their customer journey.
Friday June 5, 2020, starting at 9:00 AM MDT
Jeff Roy
Excalibur Insurance
As a leader and coach Jeff is fueled by 3 things - technology, people and big ideas. He also believes that the pinnacle of innovation for an entrepreneur is best measured by the number of times you’ve tried something new - and learned from the adventure when it didn’t go as planned.

What gives Jeff and his Excalibur team their edge? His peers believe it’s because he refuses to wait for someone else to make a difference. In 2016 Roy and Excalibur won Aviva Canada’s first Broker’s Hackathon. A contest designed to encourage groundbreaking ideas on how technology can enhance the industry.

And you may be surprised to learn that Excalibur insurance is not in the insurance business, they’re in the experience business. As evidenced by the way they’ve challenged the status-quo, once you start looking at your business that way - it totally changes your perspective
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