The Covid Health Q&A with PhD in Haematology & Immunology


"Incredible session ... thank you so much to both of you. xx"

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In March 2020 I had a client meeting with a Doctor of Immunology, and MSc in Advanced Nurse Practitioner. We were talked about the Coronavirus, COVID-19, some common myths, misconceptions, crazy practices, and also where the general public were unfortunately being misinformed.

I asked if she would do a video Webinar sharing the truth about this virus, the transmission of the infection, how to know if you’re symptomatic, precautionary measures you can take, and answer submitted questions.

She told me about the incubation period for instance, which is why many don’t realise they’ve got it until they have travelled around the world and are a-symptomatic, i.e., no symptoms, until it is too late and they have passed on the virus.

We also talked about hand sanitisers, and the flip side dangers of the masks and why many of them are ineffective from the outset; she will explain the science about that during the Webinar.


This year, in readiness for winter, and in the midst of another lockdown and new variant, we decided this would be a good time to bring you an update and discuss covid in the context of what you can do to support your immune system, and answer some of the questions which have emerged since we spoke 21 months ago.

I've got a TON of questions, including:

* Immune system 101 - When protecting us against disease, how does the immune system work?
* How to support the immune system.
* The truth about Ivermectin and its sudden fall from grace.
* Explaining natural immunity vs. vaccine immunity.
* What is myocarditis?
* What is a spike protein and how does it affect the body and immune system?

I also wrote another 10 questions last night, so it will be another information packed event.

To submit your questions, sign up for this live Webinar.

If you can't make it live I will still pose your question, and you will received access to the replay recording.

In addition to holding a PhD Haematology/Immunology; BSc Immunology; MSc Advanced Professional (Nursing) Practice (ANP); Master NLP Practitioner; Psychotherapist; PGCE Maths/Science; Fellow of Higher Education Institute (HEI), Dr Margo is also is also an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement, and intravenous vitamin C expert.

The plan is to get through as many of the agenda items below, and take your questions.

This is the REPLAY RECORDING of this ground-breaking, formative, educational, and insightful Webinar.

And just to be clear. This Webinar is not providing medical advice or treatment, nor is it a replacement for seeing your own physician, GP, or nurse practitioner. All attendees are wholly and solely responsible for their own health and wellbeing.

Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess and Rapid TranceFormation Coach
  • Education & learning
  • Health & wellness
  • How to support our immune system and useful supplements and vitamins
  • The truth about Ivermectin
  • Lifting the lid on Myocarditis: What is it? How does it occur? Is it permanent?
  • Explaining Natural immunity vs. vaccine immunity
  • Spike protein: Myth or villain? What is it and how does it work?
  • Supporting your recovery if you do get infected with covid19
  • Difference between mRNA vaccines and more traditional vaccines
  • Injection sites: Does it make a difference whether you inject into the muscle, vein, or blood cells?
  • The covid recovery journey: A personal story
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    • Education & learning
    • Health & wellness
  • When: London
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Price: $35.00
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
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