This FREE Webinar Intro with Marilyn Devonish will explore the phenomenon that is PhotoReading. In my 20's I was diagnosed with what was thought to be early onset Alzheimer's and struggled for years with brain fog.

Within weeks of learning how to PhotoReading and applying it I went from struggle to what others perceived as super brain. During these times where for many your brain has also been in lockdown during the Covid19 pandemic, the techniques and strategies shared here will help to re-energise and refocus your brain.

My clients, including those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, brain inflammation, and even irreversible brain damage have experienced the same incredible breakthrough results.

What I'll be sharing during the Video Webinar is part of the Keynote Presentation I delivered for the Royal Bank of Scotland which resulted in some true quantum leap performance results after just a couple of hours.

We'll also be talking about the Art of Reading to Your Full Capacity and I have a special Bonus Gift lined up to help you implement it.

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Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess Coach & Mind Mechanic
  • What is PhotoReading?
  • Why would you use it?
  • Overview of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System
  • What are the benefits for your life and business?
  • Practical Exercises
  • Live Q&A
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    Marilyn Devonish
    The NeuroSuccess Coach
    Marilyn Devonish is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and PhotoReading. She is a also a Certified Practitioner in a number of modalities including Huna, EFT, DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Soul Plan Reading, Angel Tarot, EmoTrance, and Future Life Progression.

    She is also a Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Change Management Specialist, Freelance Magazine Writer, and Keynote Speaker.