MBS Energy Fest 1 Day Video Webinar Workshop
"My preference is to not book anything much in advance so that I have flexibility. However this weekend is so awesome I don't want to miss out. So I'll pay a year in advance, and if that doesn't work then I'll definitely be there the following year. I shall I call tomorrow and give you my credit card? Xxx"

I mean seriously, how awesome in that? Attendees willing to book a FULL 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE because the MBS Energy Fest Workshop was so awesome.

All of this awesomeness has for the past 9 years taken place in the UK. We are of course all in global lockdown, so for what is our 10th Anniversary year, you get to experience the magic live via Video Webinar.

In the video above, Marilyn Devonish and Gina Batt give a sneak peek into their MBS Planning Meeting.

A Video Webinar attendee rated this event as "1000/10" and said it "exceed their expectations."

Another Webinar attendee said: "It was a brilliant way to spend the day, focussing on clearing and creating for a better 2021." Linda Campling

Another Webinar attendee said: "Yay it was awesome - almost ten hours of joy Thank you Marilyn xxx ✨" Denise Davis

I had a question about how the live Video Webinar is structured. My answer is below:


It’s the latter, as in the other attendees are there, but you can’t see them.

IF, they type in the public Chat you can see their name, and chat with them, if they type in the Q&A only I can see them.
This year I’m also assigning code names because people might not want others to know it’s them for those doing the Channelled Readings or Mediumship Sessions.

If people want to switch on their camera or microphone, they can.”


The $155 early booking price ends on Sunday 22nd November 2020.

The cut off date for requesting a Clairvoyant Channelled Reading on the day, and a copy of your Soul Plan Report is Tuesday 24th November 2020.


You will find a fuller overview here: https://mbsenergyfest.eventbrite.com/ You can also pay in UK £ on the Eventbrite page.

I look forward to virtually working with you.

Marilyn Devonish
Flexible Working Implementation Consultant & The NeuroSuccess Coach

We covered the attendees' favourites, plus new material. The interactive day is a collection of Coaching Exercises, Guided Processes and Meditations, Reflections, and Energy Clearings. An overview is below :
  • Clairvoyant and Psychic Influences for the Year Ahead
  • Huna and Access Consciousness Energy Clearings
  • Channelled Readings and Angel Wings Process
  • Bonus Mediumship Session for those who have lost loved ones
  • Guided Future Life Progression (FLP) Session
  • BBH, Edu-K, and Qigong Body Restoration Processes
  • Soul Plan Reading Overviews and Covid19 Review
  • Retrospective of 2019 and The Dickens Process
Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess Coach
Marilyn Devonish is the founder of Trance Formations™, a training, consultancy and coaching company committed to improving and transforming the performance of individuals and organisations.

Marilyn has been a Practitioner and Trainer in the field of Personal Development and Transformation since October 2000. Marilyn is a Business Graduate, Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Time Line™ Therapy, and Hypnosis, Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, and a Practitioner of EFT, EmoTrance, Reiki, DNA Theta Healing, Energetic NLP, Access Consciousness, and Hawaiian Huna.

Known for her rapid TranceFormational skills, Marilyn combines a unique blend of business, esoteric and energy technologies to create a powerful and life changing transformational experience.


Email: marilyn@tranceformationstm.com
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Gina Batt
Gina is a lifelong and well respected Clairvoyant who is best known for her accurate readings and direct access to the spirit realm where she works with a team of guides that have helped many people find clarity and insight into any concerns or issues.

During this Webinar Gina will be sharing Clairvoyant and Psychic insights about how you can prepare for and make the most of the year ahead.
This webinar will show you…
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    We start with identifying blocks and challenges being faced and what we can do to clear them.
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    The Workshop includes Huna Energy Clearings, Access Consciousness, the Angelic Wings Past and Future Process, and a Guided Chakra Alignment Session.
    We have several processes, included a Guided Future Life Progression Session, to help both focus, and create and generate the energy required for your future.