Guided Huna Ha Breathing Process
* Looking for a quick way to relax and reset?
* Feeling overwhelmed?
* Want to improve your concentration and focus?
* Have you got 60-seconds?

Join Marilyn Devonish, Huna Practitioner and Trainer, to experience the wonderful Huna Ha Breathing Process.

Ha Breathing is a quick and powerful way to calm down, refocus, release toxins, and re-energise. It will take just a minute.

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  • Guided 60-Second Ha Breathing Exercise
Marilyn Devonish
This webinar will show you…
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    Short yet powerful 60-second Guided Process to re-set, re-energise and re-focus.
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    For those who have attended my PhotoReading Workshop, use this process to activate Higher Self Connection.
    Huna is all about connecting with and activating the Elementals, so use this as a gateway to deeper relaxation.