Fearless Public Speaking Series: 1-Day Workshop Virtual Intensive
VIDEO WEBINAR REPLAY for The Fearless Public Speaking Live 1-Day Virtual Intensive

"OMG, that was mind blowing."

This is the perfect opportunity for both experienced and aspiring speakers.

Being able to present your message clearly enhances your ability to share your talents, gifts, and ideas with the world.

This global online live workshop with Marilyn Devonish will give you:

* a solid foundation in the art of public speaking
* help you banish worry, fear and anxiety
* ideas and blueprints you can implement right away
* provide you with strategies that work, many of which can be applied within 60-90 seconds, or just a few minutes.

The processes and strategies are short and powerful, yet pack a TranceFormational punch.

Come ready to work because we'll be building your presentation live on the day.

This is a standalone workshop, so you don't need to be part of the current Fearless Public Speaking Program to take part.

If you're not yet a Fearless Public Speaking Members, and want to attend this workshop free or charge, you will find details about the full Fearless Public Speaking Program here: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/fearless-public-speaking-program


If you’re not out there speaking to the audience that is waiting to hear from you, you’re missing out, and not just in terms of money.

According to research, a staggering 56% said they turned down a promotion or avoided certain jobs because of a fear of public speaking.

And if you thought that number was high, a whopping 77% of the global population suffers from some form of public speaking fear.

By the end of this Fearless Public Speaking Workshop, you will have exactly what you need to move you into the rare and coveted 23%, and you don’t have to throw away months or years of your time to achieve it.

If you haven't invested in the skills to overcome this thing that holds so many people back, as someone who was terrified until age 32, you are definitely missing out.


If the thought of stepping into the spotlight fills you with dread, this 1-Day Workshop is most definitely for you.

The online world is here to stay, which puts the majority of people centre stage, whether they like it or not. Rather than fear it or shy away from opportunities, learn how to make public speaking part of your skill set, and even something you grow to love.

This isn't just for those who fear public speaking. I also have people taking the class who are already award-winning speakers, international keynote speakers, presenters, and workshop facilitators. They are taking part to next level their skills, so whether you're a beginner and just starting out, or a seasoned professional, this is for you.


During this workshop, I will also share new and updated information that I've not yet shared outside the Fearless Public Speaking Program.


We covered a HUGE amount during this 1-day workshop. Topics include:

* Dealing with Unconscious Saboteurs
* How to Calm Your Nerves and Anxiety + a Guided Meditation Process
* How to Harness and Balance Your Energy
* Presentation Skill Practical Exercise (SIFT)
* Presentation Mapping Process - How to Go From Blank Sheet of Paper to Presentation Outline in 5-Minutes
* The 5-Minute Challenge
* Getting to the Root Cause of Blocks & Barriers
* Uncovering the Root Cause of Nerves & Anxiety
* The Intervention - Access Consciousness Belief Change Session
* The Intervention - Huna Energy Clearing Session
* Imagineering Your Ideal Outcome - The Electric Shoes
* 6 Strategies to Validate Your Ideas
* Presentation Design Exercises & Writing Your Key Statements
* Presentation Skills Practice - You Have Access to the Private Online Video and Audio Recording Portal
* Memory & Recall - 4 Strategies for More Easily Remembering and Recalling Your Presentations
* Audience Engagement - 9 Strategies for Connecting with Your Audience
* Delivering with Impact - Body Language and Physiology
* Presentation Delivery Checklists for Delivering Online and In-Person
* Setting Your Presentation Timeline Goals & Desires - Guided Timeline Therapy Process
* Presentation Insider Tips
* Bringing Your Presentations to Life - VA & Props
* Quick-fire Q&A including: How to recover if you forget, Recovering from brain freeze, Best ways to practice your presentation so you remember, How to speak to and connect with large audiences, How to deal with having all eyes on you)


72-Hour Fearless Public Speaking On-Demand Offer
Below is feedback from one of yesterday's live attendees.

"Oh my, what has happened today?
The last 9 hours have flown, literally, and I've learnt so much from Marilyn Devonish Fearless of public speaking webinar.

We did lots of exercises and we wrote our own presentations and I presented mine when asked with doing Marilyn's program. It's not only opened my mind, my psyche, but the clearing exercises have taken away my old beliefs of not being good enough.
Wow from being scared of everything and I mean everything to doing this has given me and Marilyn a proud moment.

I am shooting for the moon. Why? Because I can!
Thank you, Ray Wilson, for being beside me, too.

OMG, that was mind blowing." Sieta Jones, Sieta's Health Blog


If you have been putting it off, or missing out on work, professional, or social opportunities, stop staring at the blank screen or piece of paper and make your public speaking dreams a reality.

A short summary of what we will cover on the day is outlined below.


The $97 pre-launch offer ends midnight, Tuesday 8th August 2023. There's 10% off for my eNewsletter subscribers, and a 25% saving for my Membership Group Lifetime Members. Use your coupon code at the checkout. The $147 launch price ends 30th August 2023.


This is a standalone program does not give you access to the Fearless Public Speaking Program (referred to in the video above). Use the 'Zenler' link above to learn more.
  • Improve your public speaking skills both online and in-person
  • Processes to help overcome old fears and anxieties
  • More easily deal with difficult questions and expertly handle live audiences
  • A process for overcoming brain freeze and the 'rabbit in the headlight' scenario
  • How to go from a blank sheet of paper to presentation outline in just 5-minutes
  • Impactful ways to engage and connect with your audience
  • Strategies to help improve your presentation memory and recall
  • The Going Live Pre-Preparation Checklist
  • Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Change Session
  • Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Presentation
  • Secret Ingredients
Marilyn Devonish
This webinar will show you…
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    Whether you're joining us live or watching the replay recording, you will learn the skills you need to be more comfortable, impactful and confident on stage.
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    Marilyn Devonish will show you how to go from blank sheet of paper to presentation outline in just 5-minutes. We do the Exercise live, so there's no having to go away wondering if it works. It does!
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    Overcome the worry, fear and anxiety around public speaking, and find your unique voice and approach.