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Now more than ever, customers seek out information about your business online. If you don't offer the experience your customer is looking for, your reputation may be at stake.

Discover how A&W Restaurants achieved a 25% increase in 5-star reviews on Google in six months and how you can achieve similar results or more.

A&W will share its recipe for increasing customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty across all its locations—all essential ingredients for boosting your Google reviews.

Register today and gain insights on how your multi-location brand can:

  • Access vital insights from data and analytics: Use your data to deliver a customer experience that drives growth
  • Stay competitive: Improve online visibility to get ahead of your competition
  • Manage local SEO: Identify strong keywords relevant to each location
  • Optimize search engine listings: Ensure listings accuracy for a better customer experience
  • Improve online review response: Streamline the engagement process to make meaningful customer connections faster

Customer Service Specialist, A&W Restaurants, Inc.
Hannah Sither joined the A&W team as a Customer Service Specialist in 2020 after graduating from the University of Kentucky. Hannah is a rockstar in the A&W Marketing Department focused on strategizing and executing A&W’s online reputation and assisting with social media campaigns. In her spare time, Hannah runs her own photography business and is an avid book reader.
Senior Customer Success Manager, Chatmeter
Allen Rosenbaum has been a customer success champion for over eight years. Allen joined Chatmeter in 2018 as a Senior Customer Success Manager. Every day, Allen brings a passion for building strong partnerships with his clients helping them meet their most important business goals. Allen’s approach to customer success starts with digging deep into data to reveal the best path forward. When not hard at work strategizing on behalf of his clients, Allen spends time with his new baby boy focusing on being the best dad possible.