As marketing leaders, it can be difficult to know how technical SEO projects influence our larger growth goals. How should you track your SEO performance to know what’s working to drive real organic growth — and what needs improvement?

Learn which key technical SEO and website health metrics you should be including in your marketing KPIs — and how to demonstrate the impact of organic search and website health on your wider business goals.

From website traffic and click-through rates to sales attribution models, we’ll cover it all in this webinar with Deepcrawl’s Ashley Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services and Alex Schaefer, Chief Customer Officer, and Merkle's Abby Hamilton, Senior SEO Manager and RJ Salerno, Senior SEO Specialist.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The importance of utilizing & tracking organic marketing channels (like search) during economic downturns
  • Why you need to measure your SEO efforts as part of your larger marketing OKRs
  • Which SEO metrics to track and how to set growth-oriented KPIs for organic search strategies
  • How to understand technical SEO’s impact on your larger marketing and business growth goals
  • Key SEO and website metrics marketing leaders should track
  • How to include SEO and website health in your marketing KPIs

Ashley Berman Hale
VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl
Ashley heads up the Technical SEO Consulting team at Deepcrawl, the world’s leading technical SEO platform. She has been working in technical SEO since 2002 and has additional experience in business development, project management, accessibility, security, and delivering success for a range of global brands including; eBay, Fool.com, Yeti, Adobe, Dell, Fandom & more. As a well known industry voice and advocate for the power of technical SEO, she has delivered technical SEO talks at major search events around the world and regularly appears on podcasts and webinars to share her insights and experience.
Alex Schaefer
Chief Customer Officer, Deepcrawl
Alex Schaefer is Deepcrawl's Chief Customer Officer. In this role he leads Customer Success and Professional Services teams. Alex brings over 15 years of experience across digital marketing, technology and entrepreneurial ventures. He also spent 2.5 years with the Peace Corps in Kenya and still stays involved in development and charitable projects. Alex got his BA from Wofford College and a global MBA from INSEAD.
Abby Hamilton
Senior SEO Manager, Merkle
Abby Hamilton is a Senior SEO Manager with Merkle, a full-service digital marketing agency. At Merkle, she contributes to a team that supports Fortune 1,000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations in driving organic performance. Abby has also spoken at multiple SEO industry conferences.
RJ Salerno
Senior SEO Specialist, Merkle
RJ Salerno is a Senior SEO Specialist at Merkle, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in technical SEO. In his current role, he supports the organic success of multiple fortune 500 companies in the e-commerce, high-tech, and finance verticals. In his free time, RJ volunteers to help small business owners increase their organic search presence through the Merkle Neighbors Program.
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