As digital-first customer behavior accelerates, marketers have adopted equally critical mandates —customer satisfaction and growth. Because data is central to this dual mandate, we sought to understand how marketers use data to understand customers, build trusted relationships, optimize performance, and maximize the ROI of every investment.

Salesforce’s 3rd Marketing Intelligence Report reveals insights trends on data and analytics from 2,500+ marketers worldwide. Join us as we unpack how data has become central to marketing success and learn:

  • How marketers define their roles in the digital-first era
  • How marketers are adapting to a privacy-focused data ecosystem
  • The role of data in marketing-led growth and customer experiences
  • Trends in cross-channel marketing and analytics

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
Loretta Shen is a Senior Director of Product Marketing on the Marketing Cloud team at Salesforce, leading the go-to-market for Marketing Intelligence products. She works closely with clients and internal teams to define, position, and bring to market solutions that leverage centralized marketing data intelligence and analytics.
Vice President, Product Marketing, Salesforce
Nathan Barling is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce, where he is responsible for developing technology solutions that empower marketers to deliver trusted, connected, personalized, and real-time brand experiences across every touchpoint in the consumer journey. He is a thought leader in consumer data privacy and helps brands better adopt transparent, trusted First Party and Zero Party data strategies. His unique experience from working client side, agency side, and in technology helps him better understand the challenges marketers face every day and allows him to equip our clients with achievable and impactful strategies that can help companies with their digital transformation.