Martech experts Scott Brinker and Juan Mendoza discuss the future of martech and more.

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Looking to create powerful marketing campaigns and better customer experiences? Marketers constantly seek new ways to unleash more power from their martech stack. The growing role of the data warehouse as the source of truth for customer data plays a key part in delivering these delightful customer experiences.

In this webinar, Juan Mendoza and Scott Brinker will discuss the emerging role of the category of warehouse-native and composable marketing technologies, the future of the martech stack, and the transition from packaged technologies to composable and modular solutions in the effort to better reach customers.

We will cover the following questions:

  • How does leveraging the data warehouse make sense for marketers today?
  • What does the future hold for marketing technology and how does it increasingly integrate with the cloud warehouse?
  • How will the martech stack change with more modular point solutions supporting the warehouse?
  • How are marketers using technology like Reverse ETL, headless MAP, and analytics today?

VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot
Scott Brinker is the VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and writes the blog, covering marketing technology management. He is the author of the best-selling book Hacking Marketing.
CEO, The Martech Weekly
Juan Mendoza is an expert in researching global media, marketing, data, and technology trends. He is the CEO of The Martech Weekly, a media and research brand with subscribers in over 65 countries. Juan also hosts the Making Sense of Martech podcast, and co-hosts Big Martech, a weekly talk show with Scott Brinker.
Co-founder/Co-CEO of Hightouch
Tejas Manohar is the co-founder/co-CEO of Hightouch. Prior to founding Hightouch, Tejas was an early engineer at Segment, the leading company in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space that was acquired by Twilio for $3.2B. At Segment, Tejas realized that many of the challenges of building a best-in-class CDP would be better solved on top of the data warehouse and a modern data stack and hence, he founded Hightouch. When Tejas isn’t thinking about data, he likes running and playing competitive table tennis.