ABM is more than just another marketing channel to add to your mix. It's a complete go-to-market strategy that requires new processes, better collaboration, and more accountability. But don’t let that intimidate you. We’re here to help you get started and create a clear path for iteration and scalability.
Join us to see:

  • Why a multi-channel approach should be the goal of everything you do with ABM
  • An actionable, easy to understand framework to help you execute your account-based programs
  • An end-to-end campaign example that walks through data, segmentation, engagement channels, sales activation, metrics, and more

Director, Customer Marketing, Terminus
Shea Castle has been at Terminus for three years working as the Director of Customer Journey Marketing, focused on programs to support customer engagement, ABM education, product adoption, retention, and expansion. Before joining Terminus, he worked in a variety of marketing roles across demand gen, content marketing, product marketing, and ABM. He's passionate about helping marketers do cool things. If he isn't talking ABM, he's probably talking about Star Wars.