Consumers want to share more about themselves, so brands get it right. But not at the expense of their personal data.

As we look ahead to 2022, what brands will stand out in the eyes of the consumer? How will personalization and customer experience drive how organizations build and maintain their brand equity? Who will consumers trust with the protection of their first-party data?

Join John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Redpoint Global and Neil Sheth, Founder at Writefully and Bubbli Digital, as they explore the top areas of focus for delivering highly personalized customer experiences as we head into 2022. You will learn:

  • What consumers are expecting from their preferred brands
  • Methods to win and nurture the trust of your consumers
  • Best practices of collecting and using first-party data as third-party cookies fade away

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Redpoint Global
John Nash has spent his career helping businesses profitably grow revenue through the application of advanced technologies, analytics, and business model innovations. As Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at RedPoint Global, John is responsible for developing new markets, launch new solutions, building brand awareness, generating pipeline growth, and advancing thought leadership. John invented several patented business methods, and also co-authored the book The Deciding Factor, the Power of Analytics to Make Every Decision a Winner.
Founder at Writefully and Bubbli Digital
Neil is a former investment banking consultant turned SEO consultant and digital content strategist. He is the founder of Writefully, a copywriting on-demand service, and Bubbli, an SEO agency.