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Measuring campaign success is critical now more than ever.

Calculating the incremental lift and the resulting value that campaigns provide is a great way to assess the impact of your marketing tactics and improve the performance of channels and ROI.

So, what is incrementality and how do you measure campaign effectiveness using incrementality testing and optimize them for success?

Join Shaubhik Ray, Sr. Director, Digital Analytics at iQuanti, as he shares insights on:

  • Incrementality testing and how to use it to measure the true impact of your marketing campaigns.
  • Generating a clear hypothesis, designing an experiment, measuring, and analyzing the results.
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different statistical techniques, including regression analysis, difference-in-difference analysis, and Bayesian analysis.
  • Using incrementality measurements to optimize marketing budgets.

Senior Director, Digital Analytics, iQuanti
Shaubhik is Sr. Director of Digital Analytics at iQuanti – leading the analytics practice at iQuanti. He brings more than 15 years of experience in Analytics, from the days of analytics on data warehouses to the current data science on data lakes. He helps clients realize business value through focused marketing analytics projects. He has set up analytics centers of excellence, building high-quality teams that work at the intersection of business and analytics.