Effective measurement is a fundamental pillar of all marketing. Being able to target the right audience on the right channels and measure the right performance metrics is core to any successful marketing program. But measurement is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s privacy-first world.

With the many changes in the legal and technology landscape and the imminent sunset of third-party cookies by 2023, there are two questions that are looming in the marketing world about measurement: How would you measure (and report on) in-channel performance if you do not have access to all the data? What would this mean for cross-channel data attribution?

In this webinar, we aim to cover:

  • A current-state analysis of the measurement landscape
  • Key challenges ahead for marketers and
  • Potential short-term solutions to help you get ready for a cookieless future

SVP Digital Solutions, iQuanti
Sreekant Lanka is the SVP, Digital Solutions at iQuanti, where he leads cross-media and omni-channel solutions. Sreekant is a seasoned executive with leadership experience in different functional areas with Fortune 500 companies.

Previously, he headed Programmatic Account Strategy for Google (India) and has led financial strategy and campaign operations for large global advertisers.

Passionate about developing and nurturing talent, Sreekant teaches courses in sales & marketing at leading business schools and is a widely recognized speaker, having served as a TEDx speaker and a panelist on Talks at Google. With an MBA from INSEAD, France, he advises early-stage start-ups across different sectors.