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Other brands can copy your style, tone and strategy — but they can’t copy your data.

Your data is your competitive advantage in an environment where enterprises are working to grab market share by designing can’t-miss, always-on customer experiences. Your marketing tech stack enables those experiences. That’s where we come in.

Join ActionIQ and Snowplow to see how we work together to flow every customer event in real time and enrich that data — all in one place for easy access and intelligent activation. We’ll discuss the value of composing your stack – decoupling the data collection and activation layers to drive more intelligent targeting.

You’ll discover:
  • How to own your data in your marketing stack to own your ROI
  • Why 2023 was the year of the composable marketing stack
  • Use cases a leading media company uses with Snowplow and ActionIQ to power smarter campaigns across the lifecycle
  • Considerations around generative AI and other emerging strategies for 2024
Product Marketing Director, ActionIQ
Florian is the Technical Product Marketing Director at ActionIQ. For the last decade, his mission has been to empower enterprise organizations in their digital transformation process via the definition and deployment of a strong Customer Experience Stack.

With the expertise of his unique blended background across software engineering, architecture and product marketing — he educates enterprise organizations to increase the value of their technology investments in a complex and ever changing environment.
Co-Founder & CEO, Snowplow
Alexander Dean is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Snowplow Analytics. Alexander is a keen technologist with a passion for functional programming, cloud-based architectures and big data technologies. He also has a passion for innovation and organizational change.

Before co-founding Snowplow, Alexander worked in technology roles at OpenX and in the Business Intelligence department at Deloitte Consulting,
as well as strategy roles at Fathom Partners and Keplar LLP. Alexander holds a BA in History from the University of Cambridge.
Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Snowplow
John is Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Snowplow Analytics. He is a passionate technologist and storyteller, pulling from his almost 12 years of experience helping brands adopt modern data and marketing technologies and strategies.

Prior to joining Snowplow, John worked in various GTM roles at Braze, Amplitude, Census, and Simon Data. With his deep understanding of the martech landscape, John enjoys uncovering innovative solutions in the market and rolling out joint offerings with partners.