Paid search is an efficient and cost-effective way to drive more high-intent customers to your business. If you get it right, you can drive high-value inbound calls. And once you get a potential customer to call, they convert at 10x the rate than they do online, so you might be sitting on a gold mine. But driving inbound calls with PPC is a bit different than clicks, and attribution and optimization can be tricky.

In this webinar, the paid search geniuses from Media Experts and conversation intelligence pros at Invoca will show you how to implement and execute these killer paid search tactics that will turn more high-intent searchers into inbound calls that accelerate your customer acquisition.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The latest trends in paid search to guide your PPC strategy in 2021
  • How to use AI to automate and optimize CPC bidding
  • How to make click-to-call ads even more effective
  • What you need to get real-time attribution for calls and conversions driven by paid search
  • Tactics for optimizing campaigns to drive more high-value sales calls

Blair Symes
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Invoca

Blair Symes is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Invoca, the leading conversation intelligence provider for marketing and sales. Over the past 20 years, he has published hundreds of articles and eBooks on a wide range of marketing topics, including phone call analytics, conversion optimization, and omni-channel attribution.
Jessica Stein
Director, Search Marketing, Media Experts

With over ten years of experience in search marketing, Jessica is still consistently demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation. Her experience expands to all aspects of search marketing, with a strong understanding of the eCommerce landscape and advanced attribution. Coupled with that is her strong knowledge of a wide array of verticals (banking, telco, government, travel, retail, pharma, etc.), which give her a well-rounded foundation to develop and execute search marketing strategy, tactics, and optimizations that are fine-tuned for any industry.
Travis Reason
Director, Search Marketing, Media Experts

Travis Reason has close to a decade of experience in SEO and Paid Search. He came to Media Experts IPG in 2014 and assumed a leadership role, helping the team deliver award winning service & results across both SEO and paid search digital channels in a variety of verticals including Telecom, Insurance, and eCommerce. His most recent focus has been building and operationalizing an advanced / senior-level SEO consultancy service that overcomes technical barriers and delivers predictive ROI to clients who operate in competitive spaces.
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