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Learn how Autodesk leveraged a CDP to accelerate customer journey automation.

Leading companies are focused on creating stronger customer experiences that span multiple channels and feel cohesive and meaningful to end-users. But many teams struggle to effectively combine legacy tools and emerging technologies required to build effective omnichannel experiences.

Autodesk partnered with ActionIQ to develop a future-proof stack that would empower a self-service approach to achieving superior omnichannel CX. Join this virtual session to learn how you can accelerate your approach to mastering omnichannel customer journeys with insights from Senior Domain Engineering Manager Aamir Azam of Autodesk.

Register for this webinar and:

  • Determine a marketing stack approach that is future-proof
  • Eliminate manual processes and empower users
  • Enhance customer journeys and expand revenue streams
  • Prepare your organization to accommodate a CDP

Senior Domain Engineering Manager, Autodesk
A senior leader on the Product and Engineering team at Autodesk, Aamir is responsible for the company’s customer journey automation domain (strategy and implementation) and has more than a decade of experience understanding customer needs, building effective and scalable products and successfully delivering key results. A COBE holder from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, Aamir’s work experience includes work in the technology, marketing, operations, and public sectors.
Director of Product Marketing, ActionIQ
As Director of Product Marketing at ActionIQ, George is focused on helping customers in every industry discover the impact that accessible first-party customer data can have on business performance and customer experience. Prior to ActionIQ, he led product marketing efforts at Cheetah Digital and Tinyclues, where he collaborated closely with customers to introduce and refine products and services to better support emerging customer experience strategies.