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It's never been a more critical time to put your customers first. Delivering timely and relevant customer experiences separates your brand from the competition. But a CMO Council survey found that only 7% of marketers say they can provide real-time, data-driven engagements across all touchpoints.

This gap is often due to enterprise challenges when it comes to navigating the data processing, quality and integration required to meet consumer demands, on top of outdated campaign management technologies that don’t excel with cross-channel coordination. But adding omnichannel customer journey capabilities to your engagement strategy is easier than you think.

Join Shutterfly’s Head of Marketing Tech Ops Neta-Lee Katz and ActionIQ’s Director of Product Marketing George Phipps as they discuss how Shutterfly migrated from outdated technologies and achieved timely and relevant customer journeys in its CX strategy while streamlining operations and reducing resources dedicated to customer audience management. You'll learn:

  • Benefits and use cases of scaled timely customer journeys
  • Key business initiatives – and hurdles to navigate– in pursuit of omnichannel engagement
  • Steps you can take toward achieving customer journeys at scale

Head of Marketing Tech Ops, Shutterfly
Neta-Lee Katz is the Head of Marketing Technology Operations at Shutterfly. In her current role, she is responsible for managing and maintaining Shutterfly’s martech stack and overseeing a high-performing marketing operations team. She has over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, with expertise in email marketing, social and media buying, CRM and ESP implementation and more.
Director of Product Marketing, ActionIQ
As Director of Product Marketing at ActionIQ, George is focused on helping customers in every industry discover the impact that accessible first-party customer data can have on business performance and customer experience. Prior to ActionIQ, he led product marketing efforts at Cheetah Digital and Tinyclues, where he collaborated closely with customers to introduce and refine products and services to better support emerging customer experience strategies.