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In the bustling digital landscape, most companies are juggling with over 10 technologies to fortify their marketing efforts. However, a surprising majority feel as if their technological acrobatics aren't paying off. Over time, poor integration has painted a landscape of fragmented tools and inconsistent data, leading to the unwanted pitfalls of revenue losses, missed opportunities, and tarnished brand perception.

In this webinar, Bill Sears and Christian Monberg from Zeta Global and guest speaker Joe Stanhope from Forrester Research will reveal the role a comprehensive integration strategy plays in optimizing existing technology and connecting disparate data sets, improving customer experiences, and generating stronger business results.

They'll dive into several key topics to help you understand your technology stack better:

  • How are point solutions making marketing more complex than ever?
  • Why is flexibility in your technology the key to mastering customer experiences?
  • What is data without intelligence and why is it inhibiting your speed to market?
  • Why do business insights and analytics remain unrealized despite expectations?

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Joe Stanhope is a vice president and principal analyst, serving B2C marketing professionals. He is a leading expert on the intersection of marketing and technology. Joe's research focuses on exploring strategies for leveraging technology — including enterprise marketing software suites, customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, customer data platforms, and identity management — to deliver relevant and engaging customer experiences. Joe also researches the long-term trajectory of the marketing technology ecosystem and its implications for marketing organizations, technology suppliers, and services providers.
Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product, Zeta Global 
Christian Monberg currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at Zeta Global. He is responsible for overseeing the product and technical vision in support of Zeta's growing business strategy, with his primary focus on developing and acquiring key AI, data and identity assets in support of Zeta's evolving platform. Most recently, he played a key role in launching CDP+ and Opportunity Explorer, helping to expand Zeta’s customer data management solutions to meet the needs of progressive marketers. 
Group Vice President, Solution Strategy, Zeta Global
William Sears brings together a unique combination of analytic thinking and technical understanding with strong people skills and a clear communication style. He is a successful client engagement leader, consultant, and technical product marketer with diverse experience across CPG, Retail, and Automotive. William has over 20 years of client and industry knowledge and a solid track-record of driving an evolution of information views, technology applications, and analytic interpretations resulting in business value for clients.