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The processes that make up digital content creation and management have never been more complicated. These workflows now need to accommodate remote workers and resources, worldwide offices, and security and privacy concerns, not to mention the growing need for content and creative teams to produce more content in less time.

So how are the most successful content and creative teams currently executing production and managing their workflows? What is working and what isn’t when it comes to improving these efficiencies and successfully scaling content efforts? To answer these questions and more, Canto surveyed 643 professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom involved in the production, management, and/or strategy for content and creative assets at their organization.

In this webinar, we’ll share the results of this survey and take an in-depth look at the content strategies, workflows, and technology that have made these organizations successful. We’ll also give you valuable tips on how you can revamp your own content programs in 2023.
Head of Brand and Content, Canto
Mike Lacey is currently the Head of Brand and Content at Canto and has a background in both content marketing and production leadership roles. Prior to joining Canto, Mike was the Senior Director of Original Content at ON24. He specializes in brand storytelling and developing content strategies for a variety of digital channels.