How a Customer Data Platform Helps Get You There
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Personalization is more than tailoring a welcome message on your homepage, it’s about delivering relevant, value-driven customer experiences at every step of the customer journey to drive maximum impact — both for your customers and your bottom line.

Marketers that deliver consistent and personalized experiences across channels bridge the gap between digital and face-to-face marketing and will beat out the competition.

This is where customer data comes in: understanding customer preferences and proper data management is the foundation of any personalization strategy. But understanding how and when to apply that data can be challenging. Join us to learn how to effectively collect, analyze, and apply customer data to understand customer intent and drive personalization at scale.

What’s Covered?

  • The power of customer data in personalization
  • Types of customer data
  • Five ways to apply customer data to your personalization strategy
  • Executing effective market implementation

Director Product Marketing, Acquia
Chief Data OfficerVelir & Brooklyn Data