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Learn why marketing velocity will be the new agility in 2022 and what that means for your organization.

Agility in business is nothing new. Businesses have always needed to be agile—experimenting, adapting, and changing—to succeed. But the difference today is the speed and scale of change required. Technologies are constantly evolving and customers, partners, and our own teams have new expectations and demands that need to be met.

Now is the perfect time for tech leaders to build on what we’ve collectively learned over the past 18 months, and prepare for a comeback by embracing marketing agility. In this webinar, we’ll discuss three different ways to increase marketing velocity by focusing on optimizing and becoming more agile in your approach.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of centralizing work in one place for better visibility and alignment
  • The need to automate workflows and standardize campaign processes to save time
  • The power of integrating common marketing tools like Marketo, Adobe Target and AEM with a system of record like Workfront

Group Manager, Product Management, Adobe
Senior Product Manager, Adobe
Product Manager, Adobe