What doesn't load in two seconds will never be accessed again: User expectations for web application performance are steadily increasing. After a web application loads, it needs to feel fast and fluid in order for the user to achieve their goal.

In our Thinktecture webinar, Christian Liebel will show you Angular’s most important optimization options (Zone.js, Change Detection, and Service Workers) so that you can ignite the turbo for your Angular app!

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Thu, Mar 11, 2021 · 10:30 AM CET
  • Run performance-critical code outside the NgZone.
  • Protect components from too frequent queries with the OnPush strategy.
  • Load only the code you need thanks to lazy loading
  • Reduce loading times with the service worker
  • Q&A
Christian Liebel
Consultant @ Thinktecture AG
Christian Liebel is a consultant at Thinktecture, focuses on web standards and Progressive Web Applications, and is Thinktecture's representative at the W3C.
Gøran Homberg
Consultant @ Thinktecture AG
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