The Virtual ThinkLab aims at bringing us together despite we're physically apart, enabling you to connect to other fellow Data Management enthusiasts who now more than ever share the same challenges: being that the pandemic with all its implications or the task of evangelising the power of Data.

Don't miss the fourth episode with the great speakers Vinay Simha from Philips and Susan Walsh, the Classification Guru. Vinay will cover the topic of MDM Roadmaps: Staying committed to your MDM Vision, and Susan will address The Dangers of Dirty data.

The 4th Virtual ThinkLab features a smaller audience, typically around 30-40, to enable interaction and more space given to Q&A. That way, the ThinkLab reduces the distance between you and the speakers.

Stay positive, keep learning, stay curious.


"Super event, great speakers and content. Well done ThinkLinkers Team :)"

"Very good content, and excellent speakers. In fact I have never met either of them, but I am connected to both of them on LinkedIn. Happy to hear them present, good value for money!"

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"Super content and great delivery"
  • The Dangers of Dirty data
  • What is Dirty Data?
  • How to Ensure Data Accuracy?
  • The Importance of Data Maintenance
  • MDM Roadmaps : Staying committed to your MDM Vision!
  • What are MDM Roadmaps? Why Are They Important?
  • What Are The Key Principles To Be Considered ?
  • What Are The Essential Components that Influence Maturity of Roadmaps ?
Vinay Simha
Senior IT Architect/Enterprise Architect at Royal Philips
Vinay Simha is a seasoned technology leader and a trusted advisor with extensive experience in Data Management . He has been delivering high quality - data driven solutions thereby globally transform businesses.
He is currently with Royal Philips as a Senior IT Architect / Enterprise Architect for MDM and Knowledge Management within Architecture and Emerging technologies group . His expertise spans across Master Data management, Data Governance, Data platforms and Integration focused around Manufacturing and Supply chain domains. He has earlier played role of a Global MDM Lead for the world’s second largest Agri products manufacturer in Switzerland and MDM / Data Governance anchor for an Iconic motorcycle manufacturer in Wisconsin, US . He is also adroit in Business & MDM strategy, MDM Roadmaps, conceptualization, Technology and Data architecture, Solution Design, Data Modeling and MDM technology evaluation.
Susan Walsh
Founder of The Classification Guru
Susan Walsh is the founder of The Classification Guru, a specialist in data classification, supplier normalisation, taxonomy development and data cleansing. She brings clarity and accuracy to data and helps procurement and data teams to work more effectively and efficiently, finding cost savings through spend and time management and supporting better, more informed business decisions, delivering a strong ROI.
After eight years of working with data, Susan has developed a methodology to accurately and efficiently classify, cleanse and check data for errors which will help prevent costly mistakes from happening and save hours, if not days of laborious data cleansing and classifying by in-house teams.
Susan is passionate about highlighting awareness and the value around addressing the issues of “dirty data” and it’s consequences in an entertaining and engaging way through her YouTube channel, LinkedIn, webinars and speaking engagements.
You can contact her on
This webinar will show you…
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    The consequences of dirty data, how to recognize it and how to ensure data accuracy.
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    How to identify your MDM vision through road mapping, and how to design MDM roadmaps to achieve strategic goals
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    That despite the physical distancing, interaction and engagement with inspiring experts is still possible and as important as usual. Chat, raise your hand, ask questions!