Recorded Mon, August 9, 2021 7:57 pm (EDT)
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    Design isn’t just an afterthought in tech circles anymore, it truly helps drive the direction of the product or service. But how does a design team help guide the rest of the company in the right direction? By incorporating a design system. A design system is a master collection of the key standardized documentation every company needs to define the overall design of the product.

    Incorporating a design system in your company brings lots of tangible value: faster to market times, improved UX and customer satisfaction, better internal communication, and consistency across all products. Join us in this webinar as we continue to discuss why having a design system is so important and gain hands-on experience in creating your own.

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  • Agenda
    • What you will learn
    • What is a Design System?
    • Notable Real-World Design Systems
    • Figma Tips and Best Practices
    • Creating Our Own System
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