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    Breaking into a career in tech is all about showing you’ve got the skills to make an impact from day one. The new normal? Career-focused bootcamps that are built around advancing or helping you break into high-paying industries faster than ever before. They provide an accessible way to more opportunities, more growth, and higher salaries.

    Bootcamp courses come with their own challenges, but plenty of students have come before you, and they’re ready to share valuable insights on excelling in our programs and hitting the ground running upon graduation.

    Join us for this Webinar Replay as we talk to three very different Thinkful graduates and explore the ways they made the most of their bootcamp experience and launched successful careers. We will dive into their Thinkful journey, the successful habits they created to stand out from the crowd and how they ultimately got hired at their dream jobs.

    Bio of Jennifer Kerssen- Web Developer
    As so many people do in today’s workforce, Jennifer began her journey working “tech-adjacent” — with a development team as a tester and content writer. Wanting to master the same tools that the team was using ultimately sparked her passion for breaking into web development. Jennifer went outside the box and enrolled in her bootcamp program for a full year instead of six months. Although it felt difficult at first, this decision let her focus on building the stellar portfolio that helped land her job at Crocs today.

    Bio of Brandyn Adderly- Data Scientist
    After discovering a love of data-driven decisions and automating as much of his job as possible, Brandyn decided to make a career switch—from software engineering to data science. A severely limited time frame meant that a bootcamp was the ideal way to make that dream a reality. Although the bootcamp environment was a new one for him, Brandyn still found ways to go above and beyond, creating projects destined to wow potential employers and stand out from the pack.

    Bio of Rachel Beiser - Product Designer

    Rachel graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine/Studio Art and proceeded to take an internship at the American Museum of Natural History. She loved the job but quickly came to the realization that it was not going to provide the growth and earning potential she desired. So Rachel decided to enroll in a bootcamp, and after graduating developed an incredibly simple yet effective way to network — one that led to a company creating an entirely new position just to bring her on board.
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