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The Anatomy of a Transition - Part 2

About This Webinar

"The Messy Middles of Change"
May 30, 2024 - 7:00pm EST

Certain periods of life are filled with change and transition. Early on, childhood adolescence transitions into "adulting", where we craft an independent identity, build careers, and establish long-term relationships. ~ Jeff Hamaoui & Kari Henley / Modern Elder Academy / https://www.modernelderacademy.com

The transitions of life and especially middle age have a difference flavor. While we'll be using mid-life transitions as the catalyst for this series of teachings. Endings, Messy Middles and New Beginnings apply to all transition.

- In Competence
- In the Soup
- Finding the Thread

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1. Share your insights and realizations.
2. Share what you have been really good at for so many years that it might be holding you back because your are too comfortable.
3. How does being in the mess of change feel for you mentally and physically?
4. What are you using to help you mange the mental and or physical stress of change?
5. What thread or hint of possibilities are you sensing that may be showing up?

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