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REVIEWING: Adapting Raindrop Resources, Christina G. Hagan M.Ed, Author

About This Webinar

"The Adapting Raindrop Resources"
November 23, 2023 - 7pm EST

Christina G. Hagan M. Ed, LCCI, LMBT is an author and educator of all things Raindrop.

She has created an online place for you to learn more about Raindrop. The Raindrop Technique® combines targeted energy approaches with authentic essential oils for a harmonizing, rejuvenating, and healing. Whether you are a mom or a wellness practitioner Christina's goal is to help you to feel comfortable giving your raindrops and confident to tailor your Raindrops to fit each person you work with.

For years it was her my vision to create a resource and a place for people to go when they have questions about Raindrop or want to learn more. This vision is becoming a reality here. You’ll find on-line programs, books, membership groups and a tools page all focused on the Raindrop Technique and Essential Oils.

A recommendation by Anthony Stewart, Executive Director of CARE International. “This is a tremendously valuable resource for families who practice Raindrop Technique! Christina has not only answered the FAQs of Raindrop, but has also presented valuable tips for adapting this technique for special and unique situations that will undoubtedly arise as you perform Raindrop for family and friends. Every oily family should have this book in their library.”

THIS WEBINAR LINK: https://www.bigmarker.com/thespirituallyspeakingcafe/The-Adapting-Raindrop-Resources-Christina-G-Hagan-M-Ed-Author

The Adapting Raindrop Resource Website: https://adaptingraindrop.com

The Adapting Raindrop Resource Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH4xp7omROs

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THIS WEBINAR LINK: https://www.bigmarker.com/thespirituallyspeakingcafe/The-Adapting-Raindrop-Resources-Christina-G-Hagan-M-Ed-Author

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