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Vibrotactile Trigger Technology - SUPER PATCH Intro.

About This Webinar

Vibrotactile Trigger Technology - SUPER PATCH Intro.
“Rediscover Your Innate State of Homeostasis”
March 28, 2024 - 7:00 PM EST

The Super Patch, with its cutting-edge Vibrotactile Trigger Technology, has undergone rigorous validation through clinical studies and peer-reviewed publications. It represents nothing short of a game-changer for all of us.

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1. A personal story.
2. Why does this technology work?
3. A Medical Doctors professional experience.
4. How can this technology help you and your clients?

I am in awe of the remarkable capabilities of the human body, particularly our skin—the largest organ. It serves as an impressive defense system against invaders like germs, regulates body temperature, and acts as the gateway to tactile sensations. Notably, the Nobel Prize has honored the doctors who revealed the secrets of our skin’s sensory perception.

Picture your skin as an intricately efficient team. When it encounters hot, cold, or tactile stimuli, these diligent workers transmit vital messages to your brain. These remarkable messengers are known as “transducers” or “ion channels,” and they unlock the revolutionary potential of technology pioneered by the Super Patch Company.

PARTNER with Randall Loop, LMT, LSH, CNH with over 30 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Natural Health Coach.
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Webinar Link: https://www.bigmarker.com/thespirituallyspeakingcafe/Introducing-SUPER-PATCH-Vibrotactile-Trigger-Technology

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Webinar hosting presenter Randall L
Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, OM is the Director of the Living, Learning & Loving Space and owner of Sustainable Services, LLC.

He's a Licensed Massage Therapist with the Medical Board of Ohio,Licensed Spiritual Healer, Master Life Coach and State Recognized Ordained Minister

Randall is a Trained in Hypnosis for Change, a SomaEnergetics Certified Teacher, Trained in Energy & Body Tuning Techniques. an Avatar Master, Accredited Instructor and Spiritual Healer.

Randall also facilitates Personal Development Workshops including The Empowerment Sessions™, the Your Money or Your Life/Money & Spirit - One Day and 7 Week Discussion Course, Professional Courses for Healers, Spiritual Coaching Skills and others.

Randall founded the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute/SHPLI.org, the Council of Licensed Spiritual Healers/FSHLB.info and the International Spiritual Healer Professional Association/ISHPA.com.

He has served on the Board of Directors with Ohio AIDS Coalition and Simply Living both non-profits in Central Ohio. He's currently a member in good standing with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Randall was also awarded the Health Professionals of the Year Award in 1996 and Received the Spirit of Healing Award from Ohio AIDS Coalition in 2006.
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Spiritually Aligned Life Channel webinar platform hosts Vibrotactile Trigger Technology - SUPER PATCH Intro.
Hosted by Randall Loop, LMT, LSH, OM

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