Recorded Mon, September 20, 2021 7:00 pm (EDT)
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Barbara G
Hi, Randall! This is Barb, from SomaEnergetics, and I apologize for not joining the group sooner tonight!

I will go back to #1 of these programs, where hopefully you will explain the process.... I understood that there were on-line courses with instructors, partnerings (which you referred to in #2) and I will, of course, sign up for #3. AND MAKE THE DONATIONS!! I went next door to my office and did not take my purse with me.

And, I have to figure out how to get sound on the new computer.... gotta love technology!! I watched you on the computer and listened to you on the phone!!

Can I go back, sign up and review #1, and have these programs count? ( I planned on getting registered last Saturday, but one of Tim's Phase 2 students dropped out due to illness, and I filled in Saturday and Sunday.) What else do I need to know??
Please, feel free to call me if it's better to explain via conversation rather than email! And tomorrow will be fine... l'm sure you've had a busy day!

If I need to sign up for a different course/credit timeline, please let me know!

Thank you, Randall! Blessings and be well!