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November 9, 2017 at 07:00:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
By Sound, Science & Spirituality School (4.8 stars · 4 reviews )
About This Webinar

Week 5 Topic: Healing from the Heart
HeartMath Technique: Freeze Frame®

Healing with the heart is not “trying to heal” but allowing the heart’s natural healing energy, and all the memories of healings that have every occurred, to resonate with you.

Based on the Institute of HeartMath... Freeze Frame® is known to:
1. Reduce energy drains
2. Increases ability to quickly develop solutions and problem solve
3. Increases clarity and access to intuitive intelligence
4. Improves mental functions
5. Increases access to creativity and "out of the box" solutions

REGISTRATION: $15 per class - OR - SAVE $30 when you register for all 6 classes!
6 Week Series: $60 - Must use link below to register for all 6 classes and SAVE $30 http://www.lightwithin.com/HeartCourse.htm
Register for the series and get full access to the recordings (Introduction and all 6 Weeks)

Or you can experience this LIVE at the SomaEnergetics Training Center:
1550 Old Henderson Rd - Suite N160 - Columbus, OH - 614-928-3102

LIVING FROM THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR HEART is a 6-week series of a life transforming, heart-focused class facilitated by Certified HeartMath Coach, David Hulse.

Join David on a journey of insight into the wisdom of heart-based intelligence, learn techniques that help create a “flow” of balance and cooperation between your heart and head, and discover how the heart is linked to the quality of YOUR life!

Week 5 - Nov 9th - Healing from the Heart
Week 6 - Nov 16th - Heart to Heart

Questions??? or issues with signing up... Contact Tim at 614-928-3102
NOTE: Tim is not available to answer the phone from 6:55 PM on Thursday until the event is over.

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Webinar Price: $15.00
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Minister, Teacher, Author and Founder
David Hulse, DD, CVSMT is the Founder of SomaEnergetics and Senior Director of Education at The School of Sound, Science & Spirituality.

David is renowned in the world of New Thought as a "Cultural Creative." Barbara Marx Hubbard writes, "David...
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