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November 2, 2017 at 07:00:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
By Sound, Science & Spirituality School (5.0 stars · 1 reviews )
About This Webinar

Week 4 Topic: Heart Connecting Relationships
HeartMath Technique: Heart Lock-in®

Relationships of the heart are assignments and opportunities for growth.

Based on the Institute of HeartMath... Heart Lock-in® is known to:
1. Accumulates and sustains resilience
2. Builds a new resilience and coherence baseline
3. Improves and builds a coherent field environment
4. Increases ability to handle the things that do come up with greater ease

REGISTRATION: $15 per class - OR - SAVE $30 when you register for all 6 classes!
6 Week Series: $60 - Must use link below to register for all 6 classes and SAVE $30 http://www.lightwithin.com/HeartCourse.htm
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Or you can experience this LIVE at the SomaEnergetics Training Center:
1550 Old Henderson Rd - Suite N160 - Columbus, OH - 614-928-3102

LIVING FROM THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR HEART is a 6-week series of a life transforming, heart-focused class facilitated by Certified HeartMath Coach, David Hulse.

Join David on a journey of insight into the wisdom of heart-based intelligence, learn techniques that help create a “flow” of balance and cooperation between your heart and head, and discover how the heart is linked to the quality of YOUR life!

Week 4 - Nov 2nd - Heart Connecting Relationships
Week 5 - Nov 9th - Healing from the Heart
Week 6 - Nov 16th - Heart to Heart

Questions??? or issues with signing up... Contact Tim at 614-928-3102
NOTE: Tim is not available to answer the phone from 6:55 PM on Thursday until the event is over.

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Webinar Price: $15.00
Webinar ID: b2bc12951d8b
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Webinar hosting presenter David H
Minister, Teacher, Author and Founder
David Hulse, DD, CVSMT is the Founder of SomaEnergetics and Senior Director of Education at The School of Sound, Science & Spirituality.

David is renowned in the world of New Thought as a "Cultural Creative." Barbara Marx Hubbard writes, "David...
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Sound, Science & Spirituality School webinar platform hosts LIVING FROM THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR HEART - Week 4
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