Hi! This is Alex Frost, the host and creator of the Brand-to-Buyer Virtual Summit. I have been in the industry for almost 5 years now. My most notable history is helping to build Canndescent and Goodbrands as a founding team member back in 2016. Since building a private consulting business in 2019, I've also been able to help brands and companies in almost every product category in cannabis.

I'm known for building tight relationships, raising my hand in a room full of yes's, and always asking for the deeper why. As a matter of fact, my deeper why for being in this industry goes back to when I was 10yrs old and found myself a victim of the war on drugs. (...more on that in this session!)

So, please come say hi as I wrap up the first event of its kind.
  • My Cannabis Story (war on drugs)
  • How the summit got started + how it went
  • Cannabis & Corona
  • Plans for the future
  • How to standout as a cannabis brand in 2020
  • Live Q/A
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    Alex Frost
    The Cannsultant