ALT fuses science with nature and exists to enhance human potential through precision dose liquid THC. Our brand communicates the overarching desire to inspire alternative perspectives: a choice in state of mind. ALT elevates the senses and encourages total and complete self-expression.

Using their unique pharmaceutical-grade technology, ALT has created a pure, highly adaptable THC liquid that is completely clear and odorless, discreet, convenient, all-natural and fast-acting. ALT can be added to enhance any beverage and delivers a consistent cannabis experience to the consumer, every time, without the common drawbacks of other delivery methods––be it the delayed onset of edibles or the health risks of smokable cannabis.

ALT will be available this Spring.
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    Robert Davis
    A sales and marketing expert whose career has been focused on successfully bringing luxury brands to market. Robert will lead business development and overall brand strategy as it relates to launch, market penetration, and brand partnerships. A passionate believer in the healing and elevating powers of cannabis and other forms of plant medicine, Robert’s inspiration for co-creating ALT.
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    Cheyne Nadeau
    Director of Marketing
    A leader in the cannabis marketing space, Cheyne brings over 15 years of global marketing experience to ALT, most notably from his role at Red Bull where he sat on the global culture marketing team.

    While at leading luxury cannabis brand Canndescent, Cheyne was a senior member of the marketing team that lead the Stylus launch & Nevada expansion. During his Canndescent tenure, Cheyne helped launch goodbrands™ as the top-selling greenhouse flower brand in market. He produced the Canndescent Stylus launch event in Hollywood, featuring Chelsea Handler, an event that drew over 1000+ attendees and received millions of press impressions.